Ancient Crystal’s backstory

(Might be a little to sci-fi. And have a little too much focus on technical details. Well, it’s only a suggestion)

During 19’th and 18’th centuries several kingdoms founded secret organisations to research disturbing rumors about some form of dark forces. While not above whatever law existed at the time, none of them were subject to it either. Using various questionable methods, they silenced the rumors and took it on themselves to investigate the seemingly magical phenomena.

A lot changed in the centuries that followed. They became more and more independent from the kingdoms that founded them, and once they were completely self-sustaining, they made sure all record of them was lost. Some time after this, they begun to gain knowledge of each other as well. An “invisible war” broke out, ending with all organisations being either destroyed, absorbed or merged with each other, and ultimately only one faction was standing, with strong ties into all powerful and important positions in the world.

Their research continued under all this time, and as the global technological and scientific level continued to rise, so did theirs. By the late 20’th century, they had a good understanding of the “dark forces” they had investigated for so many years.

The electromagnetic field emitted by neural networks such as the brain can affect the fabric of space-time. While recreating a field of this kind was difficult, it became doable with 21’st century technology. However, the actual “power” is not really in the properties of the field, but rather in the the neural network’s ability to quickly see and adapt to patterns of the most complex kind. (consciously or subconsciously) Without this ability, generating the field alone is useless, as active interaction is required to compensate for the constant background flux in the space-time fabric. The background flux varies in predictability, and during really calm hours, some animals and people can affect the world without even knowing it. But considering the amount of animals on the planet, and the uncontrolled nature of these actions, it usually just ends up in the laws of physics seeming a bit whacked. Such “calm hours” are very rare, usually just occurring a few time every millennia, though they are more common certain centuries.

In the 21’th century, the organisation begun experiments with harnessing this power using artificial neural networks. This research included, among other things, nanotechnology, EM field generators and experiments regarding computer-brain interfaces, on humans as well as other animals.

In 2013, the first test on an artificial space-time manipulator was held in a secret base in Antarctica. The simulations had made it seem promising, but there was one variable they hadn’t taken into account.

To increase the efficiency of their magnetic boosters, they had used a rare substance called (how about idefinibilium?). It was created only as a side-effect of solar radiation being deflected by the earth’s magnetic field within the atmosphere, but only if the timespace interference was high enough and on the same average wavelength, and even then only in small amounts. (Essentially a bi-product of the aurora borealis during certain calm periods) The organisation had probably used all there was of it in building certain components, and it had had a few million years to build up.

When exposed to the interference the experiment generated, the idefinibilium ignited, boosting the systems to such levels that before anyone could shut it down, the neural EM generators wiped clean all background flux in the area for a moment. And with all flux whatsoever gone, within a few seconds they ripped up a hole in the space-time fabric, pulling the entire facility out of the known universe. Fortunately, this damaged the facility, and the experiment lost power before it could do any more harm to reality.

  •     Note: This  would allow for the Main Player to be something else than simply a human, in case that would  get useful.
  •     Another Note: The goal of the game would in this case not be to simply escape, but to restore power and repair the systems, and use them create some form of bridge back to normal space, or even repair the space-time rift.

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