In 1968, the American government engaged in a top secret program, codenamed project woodpecker. Although this project claimed to be research on ionospheric distortion, it was in fact a cover for a secret pentagon project.
!n 1971, a research facility was built deep in Alaska, under the name HAARP; the High altitude auroral research project. It's true purpose was to spy on soviet radio traffic from a distance further than any conventional radio receiver could pick up. During the final years of the cold war, the scientists of HAARP discovered a series of bizarre phenomena. The radio array was causing local ionic interference, which led to massive blackouts at the area the array was aimed at; strong headaches in 47% of people in a three mile radius; strange auroral displays; and most sinisterly, seismic interference.
The pentagon were quick to realize the potential of these effects. If this power was harnessed correctly, they could arrange anything from a migraine in Mumbai to a blackout in Beijing. As the cold war ended and the Berlin wall fell, the purpose of the project quickly changed to researching the capabilities of an ionospheric distortion weapon network.
A huge test facility was built, stretching deep down into the earth, with the capabilities to aim a transmitting grid at almost any point on the planet. But they needed human test subjects, to study the effects on close up. So in 2003, they started bringing in people of the streets and prisons, vagrants, criminals, people that wouldn't be missed, to use a test subjects. At first only a couple, but the number grew to almost a hundred. In 2015, a terrible accident occurred. A huge amount of distortion was fired directly back at the array, exposing all inside to a fatal dose of ionic radiation. All the test subjects and staff were killed almost instantly, save one;
The government of course covered up this disaster, but you are still trapped inside the facility, and must find a way out to the surface, to tell the world the truth about HAARP.

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