Blast door puzzleEdit

Appearance: Some time after <LIGHTS PUZZLE>, and the unlocking of {ONE OF THE LABRATORIES}.

Objective: Unlocking a blast door with a code lock.

Description: Instead of/in addition to unlocking a door, the lights puzzle allows you to modify some wiring behind a panel, with enough isolation burned away to have made it far too dangerous to touch while there was still power running through it. From there, you can restore power to area shut down by the lights puzzle, but only if you remove the light bulb first. You can also control the power to some other sections.

In one of them there's a door you have to unlock. The locking mechanism is partially mechanical and requires power to be opened. You can route power to the door from the panel, but it won't open without a thumbprint and a personal ten-digit code.

You have go to the lab you unlocked earlier, find a few objects used/held by the scientists, such as pair of gloves and a piece of paper. Using these

and some lab equipment, you must create an object wíth an accepted thumbprint on it.

When said object is used on to unlock the door, it asks for a personal code:

Disengaging locking clamps...

Enter personal code within __ seconds to deactivate magnetic seal...

During these x seconds, you must go to the panel again and shut down power to the door before the mechanical lock is reactivated. You can then force it open with a crowbar or something.

This would allow for several subpuzzles, such as getting the equipment to work in the lab or finding all the objects needed to reconstruct the thumbprint.

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