Boingo's In Game Plot

Okay, new idea.

Right now, we may have a reason for the complex to exist, but a motive to get out is needed. All the below is based on the fact that I'm relying on Sublevel's Idea about 'Above Heaven" I suggest that the complex is mostly underground, made up of multiple buildings spread in a half kilometre radius. What happened was that the organisation/agency realised that there were infiltrators. By this time, the world had evolved to a high technological point that force fields were possible. The agency enclosed the complex with a force field-no way in or out, supplies for a decade. Contact still kept with outside. The experiments became even more successful, but eventually one was not contained properly. The mental bomb force that radiated from a failed experiment killed nearly everyone in the complex-that is, except two people who were part of mostly successful experiment and were placed in super-thick lead chambers so as to prevent any damage to the scientists (in mental range). Oh, and also one android who belonged to the Head Scientist. All the equipment survives, except that the chamber in which the experiment that failed happened was consumed by fire (airtight).

1) The player escapes from the chamber. (Multiple puzzles) oh, also, the lighting is on emergency power strips, a dim orange glow, following the accident. 2) The player finds the android. 3) Android reveals that there is another person alive in the complex. Android keeps along with player, but disappears at intervals. Explosion noises occur behind you. He suggests that you find as many documents as possible. 4) find 2nd person (multiple puzzles) 5) As you enter the science research building block away from the Test Holding Chamber block, you start finding documents. 6) You eventually come upon a data control room- here you find about yourself, find multiple items that belonged to you (perhaps the 'Mr officer' letter?). (Multiple puzzles) 7) you come upon the experimental chamber- but you can't enter without a radioactive suit or something like that. 8) Open chamber door

NEXT CHAPTER 1) In science unit, find multiple tools, and a TEST TUBE. 2) Player finally reaches the scientists living area. (Multiple puzzles) By now, the player will understand nearly everything, just not what Above Heaven is. 3) Player also finds out by now that the force field prevents then from getting out. 4) player boots power back up (multiple puzzles) 5) player finds out that the only way to escape is via the emergency exit tunnel. 6) After turning on the power and finding an ID card, the player uses it to activate the evacuation mode. 7) player goes down into evac tube, where a transport vehicle takes the player underneath the force field and out into the outside. By this time, the player will have found out that the android was blowing up evidence (explosion noises) and then was getting you to gather up all the important evidence- so he could kill the player and destroy the evidence.

Think of the ending of chapter one like the end of fog fall one.

So that you can tell whether the android is next to you or not, the view could be like in tortuga- frozen still frames.

Ok, I'll admit now that multiplayer doesn't fit very well into this.

And by the end,the player knows all about above heaven.

Hey, for an alternative ending, the other player could point a gun at player one, take the test tube, drink it- and drop down dead. and then go onto the evac thingy.

So, it might sound a bit far fetched, but no more than some of the theories and comments we make.

Oh, and sublevel, please don't think I'm sabotaging your plot line. I'm just adding motive to it.

If there was to be a sequel,then the android could survive and go hunting for you next time!

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