Version OneEdit

After the accident, the player (who is a partial successful subject) wakes up after his comatose inflictor machine/life support expires. After going around and realising that they can hear banging noises, they go looking for the source (they suspect it's another survivor). However, it seems to be an android. An android that is kinda stuck. The android informs the player what has happened (not all of it, just that they were in a lab and something went wrong), and then tells them to free it. it tells the player (let's just say 'he' for convenience) how to free it so they can work together to get out (he can unlock doors and such) The player goes where it tells him to, but along the way sees a way out...except that he can't. Bang! Player wakes up minutes later with sore nervous system (there's a chip in his head). After realising this, he goes back to the android, and tells him how he can't get out. Android points out again how he can free it. After doing some stuff, he frees it.

Android keeps along with player, but disappears at intervals. Explosion noises occur behind player at intervals. Telling player that they need to end out what happened, he suggests that the player attempts to find as many documents as possible. As player enters the science research building block away from the Test Holding Chamber block, they start finding important film and data and documents. Player eventually comes upon a data control room- here they find about themselves (subject data too), find multiple items that belonged to them. They come upon the experimental chamber- but can't enter without a radioactive suit or something like that. 

In science unit, they find multiple tools, and a TEST TUBE. Player finally reaches the scientists living area. By now, the player will understand nearly everything, just not some bits. Player finds out that the only way to escape is via the emergency exit tunnel, deep down underground where the chip doesn't work (it would normally be heavily guarded, but... After turning on the power and finding an ID card, the player uses it to activate the evacuation mode. player goes down into evac tube, where a transport vehicle takes the player underneath the chip's range and outside. By this time, the player will have found out that the android was actually blowing up evidence (explosion noises) and then was getting the player to gather up all the important evidence- so he could kill the player and destroy the evidence. Dunno about the android though...

Version TwoEdit

All of the above except with x thing preventing the player form escaping.

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