This Page, for now can be where we stick all those skeches of things. Let's say i wished to give and idea of something in a suggestion in a different category, i could link to here and say "figure 4", maybe. This is also a page to place in ideas for stuff in the plot line that we wish to incorporate, and can't wait to get to phase two, and need to place somewhere.

Boingo's Mr Exposition Android Edit

In reply to Boingo's suggestion. "Ancient Crystal wrote: When I think of it, an android might be an excellent mr exposition, especially considering all the technical details we'd have to explain should we go for my backstory."

In reply from Boingo: "Yeah. That's why I was putting him in. If the coding (and i know nothing about coding) is to be similar to many of Mat's games, the Fog Fall for example, where you can choose what to say in those "you choose" reply bubbles."

And if it is in 1st person, then the android will sometimes be hovering somewhere in the corner of the room, silently scanning, or somewhere else, destroying something.... Let's say you find something. You click him, ask "What's this?" (As opposed to, "Er, {Android Name}?") He replies, "It's a vial of vanilla essence" "What's vanilla essence?" "Doesn't matter...""

(Picture to be placed in later)

The Starting Room: The Containment UnitEdit

Based on my (Boingo) first sketch, I came up with this...lacking in texture methinks.

Contain cham5

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