Mr. Officer

The character wakes up in the starting room (rooms), and he/she has to come to their senses and escape.

The Laboratory where the game takes place is known as the International Science Center or I.S.C in Waterfront City.

Before the beginning of the game, the character was working in the complex.

He/she was assisting the development of a highly classified project known as 'the construct' which the character will learn about from notes, diary's, reports etc through t the game.

The construct was supposed to be a machine capable of controlling a person by 'hijacking the brain as if it was a computer.

The project was destroyed by an unseen saboteur and the destruction and accidental detonation caused the main character and some survivors to forget their memories.

The other survivors will sometimes be able to be heard through walls or by the notes they leave behind. This is how the overall story is discovered.

The character has to repair the main power generator to restore emergency power by locating key components and fixing them. (this could be part of the puzzles.)

The Saboteur is found by the main character holding a reinforced test tube and tries to escape from the main character.
The saboteur is killed by an accidental electrocution and the main character manages to escape in the end with the mysterious sample tube.

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