Mr. Officer’s Intro:
February 2, 2015

Sarah Delarge is an average citizen living in Waterfront City. She owns a pharmacy and makes a decent income. One day while checking her mail, she finds a purple envelope with her name and address printed.

The letter has no return address but it was clearly addressed to her.

She opens it up and finds a short note and a key inside.

“Dear Ms. Delarge,
My name is Jory Cassium and I work at the Division of Special Sciences.
My boss requests you to come to our labs for some tests.
If all tests are completed you will receive a check for 1 Million Dollars.
Of you accept, go to The address below three days from now at noon.
We hope you consider this opportunity.
Jory Cassium
Assistant Site Manager and Development Director.
The key included will allow you to enter from the south side.”

Suggestion: what if we do a new game-play mode, when we complete the game from the main player’s perspective, that takes Sarah as the main player, where she discovers her story (and possibly meets The Saboutuer), and lasts until she knows about the Main Player (Sublevel 101’s player) and finally meets him (starting from that point the story is shared). It could be like an extra feature.

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