Sublevel 101

In the early 21st century there was a mysterious military organization, engaged in various secret researches. The main scientific center of the organization was a secret base, built in the mountains. Base was called "Above Heaven". The base was basically underground. That base contained small scientific staff and security troops.

On the base many forbidden scientific experiments were made. Experiments on humans. The main experiment was an experiment on human mind. His goal was penetration into the mind of human, reading and processing of thoughts, and getting a special energy, so-called "energy of mind". The purpose of that experiment was using that energy to create a particularly devastating mental weapon.

Test subjects were people with psychic abilities. Scientists penetrated into mind of subject, using special devices in a research lab. Then all, that was received during experiments, was used in a special testing area, where scientists tried to tame and to use the "power of mind" to create a weapon. Many test subjects died, but scientists quickly found a new ones.

However, the unexpected happened. In the testing area, during testing of the sample of weapon, there was a collapse, in which result there was a powerful mental explosion, absorbed the entire testing area. All staff was evacuated from the center. Soon they were died because their mind was destroyed. "Above Heaven" was surrounded by army. First attempts of safe entrances to the base to learn about incident failed. For a long time the base was isolated and abandoned. But some people were alive.

Main Player was one of test subjects, who had a mental super abilities. He was taken to the base just before the incident and was not gone through experiment, and thus, his mind was not damaged, and it saved his life during the incident. Mental wave is not destroyed his mind, but she swallowed his super abilities and cleaned his memory. And thus, the Player, who was in a prison cell in a specially constructed state of sleep, was without consciousness for a long time.

As soon as base’s energy couldn’t keep Player’s state of sleep, Player woke up. *Game begins* Player escaped from prison cell and began to explore the center, trying to get out and to find out who he is, where he is, and why he is here. Going further and further, reading notes and computer logs, he learnt the truth. Reaching exit, he learnt that it is locked, and he can’t escape through this way. Then Player learnt about a secret exit from the center. On the way to him, he met another survived subject, rescued him, and, finally, they together escaped from the center.

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