Sublevel’s Intro:

(The room is metal, dark, not big. Upper lamp dimly lights the room. There is some items, like spoon, little crowbar... Room includes little inscriptions, and secret exit door, which leads to corridor...)

Well, it is not ideal, and probably will never add to game. Make your choice.

Also, every game needs in intro. So, here is my intro:

black screen*
I woke up. First that I felt was intense headache. The pain was so intense that I could not think about something... >>
But as soon as the pain began to subside, I realized with horror that I don't remember anything. Who I am? And where I am?... >>
I opened my eyes with an effort. I saw a dark, empty room. I'm sitting on a metal chair, my head is leaning against the wall behind me... >>
My body was as if paralyzed, I can not even move. The head still hurts... >>
But gradually, I begin to feel that I can move again. I got up very slowly. My feet do not obey me... >>
I touched the back of my head, a place from which this pain comes. After I looked at my hand. There is blood on my hand... >>
I started to cry "HELP!", hoping that someone will hear me. But noone came... >>
I don't know who I am, where I am, and what happened to me. And it seems that noone will help me. Well, I haven't a choice...
There is dried blood behind chair. It helps to reveal hidden mechanism, which open secret door. Secret exit door is located in wall, where some screw misses.
There is bloody rag under chair.
We can zoom some places, like inscriptions.
"BL-PC-03" means "Basement level- Prison Cell- 03".
Corridor behind the door includes four prison cells and door, which leads to another corridor...)

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